Hiring…. again

As the newly published Town Report is being distributed among town, I have the unfortunate part of changing part of the report. Since I wrote the report and it was submitted, the Rindge Police Department has lost another officer. Officer Brianna Rogers (hired last March) last day in Rindge was February 29th. She started her new position with the Jaffrey Police Department on March 2nd.

The continued turnover is a drain on all of us and an expense to the town. Recruiting new officer is very difficult in a highly competitive field (due to low applicants). Small towns like Rindge end up being the training grounds for countless officers who take their knowledge and experience elsewhere. This was a trend I felt we had a good handle on but the inevitable fact is that Rindge is just not competitive enough with neighboring towns (literally right next door).

During the hiring process we will continue to answer ALL calls for service but will have to alter some schedules to make sure that all the shifts are covered. Yes this even means that the Chief will go back to working midnight shifts for a few weeks to get us through.

Please take a minute to thank the officers when you see them over the next months as they are likely forfeiting their own personal and sometimes vacation plans to make sure that the town is being covered. I also encourage you all to help me get the job listing posted so that we may find the best qualified and best fit officer for the Town of Rindge.